Light the torch!

God has placed you right where you are. Take up your torch. Be a firestarter.

God is moving...

Across Europe, God is starting fires of revival - young people uniting to actively live out the gospel of the Kingdom in all areas of society

, contending to see God move in their workplaces, universities and cities.

What's my part in it?

...join with Him!

God’s heart is for all of society. He’s placed you in it as His agent, and is longing to encounter your peers, your university, and your workplace through you to bring lasting transformation!

Are you desiring the same? Get empowered unto a missional lifestyle that will impact your area of influence!

Be equipped

your city!

‘Cause God loves every single person in it! Cities shape our societies, and it’s time for them to be impacted by the united Body of Christ again!

Say yes to God. To the dreams He’s given you for your city. Say no to isolation and commit to one another. And together, ignite your city for God!

Start a fire

Let's get in touch!

Are you already gathering in your city? Do you want us to come by on one of our Fall tours? Do you have any questions or simply want to connect? We'd love to hear from you!

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