Project 7 will not run this summer.

Project 7 will not happen in September 2021. As soon as a new date is scheduled, you'll find it here!

Work like God is your boss.


Often our daily work seems mundane and irrelevant to the purposes of God. Project 7 is an invitation to explore the vast implications of the Gospel - for all areas of life! Your work matters!

Learn to work like God is your boss.

September 17th - 19th 2021

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Project 7


... is a weekend workshop designed to open your eyes to see your vocation as a part of God's Kingdom - His good rule that brings healing and restoration to every part of this world. We will discover God's intentions for the seven foundational areas of society - hence Project 7. The program is designed to be hands-on. Leave with fresh vision and inspiration for how you can reflect the image of God in all you do.

Project 7 will run both in Berlin and streamed to multiple locations. If you live in Berlin or nearby, come and join in-person. Otherwise, find a few friends that would also benefit of Project 7, and invite them to your place for this weekend. Enjoy participating together: Some parts will be streamed,  other parts you will do in-person within your group.

What's included?

Project 7 includes:

  • Three days of teaching, small group discussions and assignments, worship & intercession.
  • Material to prepare beforehand (see below).
  • Corporate meals in Berlin. Streaming locations will organize their own meals.
  • If needed, there are some capacities for housing on location in Berlin. If you live nearby, you can spend the nights at your home instead.


The exact price depends on how you join:

  • Joining in a small group in your city*: streamed program, in-person projects: 35€
  • Joining live in Berlin (no housing needed): 55€
  • Joining live in Berlin incl. housing on location: 85€

Please transfer the project fee upon your application.

*If no other person from your area joins Project 7, you will be able to join a small group on zoom.


In order for Project 7 to serve you best, it's important that you complete two pre-assignments before the weekend:

  • Read a short article that we will send you upon your application,
  • Purchase and read "The Book that Transforms Nations" by Loren Cunningham. The book is available both in English and German in Christian bookstores and on Amazon.
Entries in March & September
5 hours per week, 2x 3 months

Go even deeper


God is a good father. He's a wise teacher, an impartial judge, genius artist, generous provider, servant healer,... How can the world know him without us being all of that to this world? Our everyday work has the power to help those around us encounter God. It really matters. And it's what we're so often looking for - our calling.

The Discipling Nations Online School will transform your life. You will start to see your work, the subject you currently study and your parenthood in a totally new way, gain real hope - and become a confident agent of transformation in society!

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