Be Equipped!

God wants to bring transformation to your city - through you.

It starts right where you're at. Take the next step. And be equipped for what God is calling you to!



Deepen foundations

Dive into basics of life as a disciple of Jesus. Who is God, who are we, Hearing His voice, the Holy Spirit, sharing the Gospel,...

One week (or 6 months)

Live as a firestarter

Learn how to live a lifestyle of revival & gather others in your city to follow God together!

4 Days (extended weekend)

Develop your vision

Make God known through your everyday life, and in your profession. Transform society.

Online Course: Part-time, 3 modules of 2-3 months each

Multiply what you carry

Following Jesus is a life- long journey. Regularly challenge yourself to continue to grow! Start here!

Practical online teachings

12.-16.08.21 (Outreach: 17.08.-07.09.)



Who is God? How can I hear His voice in my daily life? Who am I in Him and what does that mean practically? How can I experience the person of the Holy Spirit in my life, and how can I effectively pray for others and nations? How can I share the Gospel with my family, friends and colleagues?

This one-week intensive course is designed to help answer these questions and lay core foundations for a life of following Jesus. It is a condensed version of the 6-month DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

November 2021
Place(s) to be announced



How can I live as a firestarter? This extended weekend will equip you for exactly that! You’ll understand how Revival looks like practically & how you can lay the foundation for it in your lifestyle. You’ll be challenged to gather others in your city & run together, and learn how the Gospel can influence every part of society.

The focus is on getting practical right away - finding out what the next step will be for you. You don’t want to come back to your city with fresh vision & passion all alone, so make sure to bring a friend from your city!

Entries in March & September
5 hours per week, 9 months

Discipling Nations Online School


God is a good father. He's a wise teacher, an impartial judge, genius artist, generous provider, servant healer,... How can the world know him without us being all of that to this world? Our everyday work has the power to help those around us encounter God. It really matters. And it's what we're so often looking for - our calling.

The Discipling Nations Online School will transform your life. You will start to see your work, the subject you currently study and your parenthood in a totally new way, gain real hope - and become a confident agent of transformation in society!

Online & free
Only available in English so far...

Further Training


Following Jesus and giving our lives for His Kingdom is a journey, and we need to take it as learners - pursuing to grow everyday. These bite-sized, practical resources are just right to challenge and drive you forward on this journey

 - and they're best in community! We really recommend you to do them with the encouragement & accountability of another person, or your home group!

Most of these resources are designed by Circuit Riders, a discipleship movement from the United States.

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